Helping you every step of the way

At Megham, we help companies think ahead. Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can’t even imagine today. But to survive and thrive, we must imagine that future. We must anticipate it.

Flying in the face of convention is never less than challenging. But without the challenge there’d be no stimulation, no motivation and no reward, three core components of the Megham ethos. Our exceptional depth of talent across many disciplines allows us to deliver a total solution to our clients – whatever their size, their geographic profile or their need.

By integrating skills from across the company we deliver an unrivaled team architecture that truly answers clients’ demands for single-source solutions.

Transformation Is Key

Everyone talks about transformation, but transformation into what? In our practice of continually thinking ahead, our model includes implementing lean optimization. Virtualizing non-core operations and harnessing new technology. Structuring 4th generation partnering agreements that operate at the highest level of trust.

So what is the transformation model? It’s a business that has been optimized in every respect to improve the bottom line and meet the future with confidence.

Competitive Advantages

Megham can give you the business analyses you need and follow through with implementation. As part of Megham, the world’s leading provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions, we can deliver a depth of resources that’s unsurpassed by other firms.

We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. And our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes. Which means that with Megham, you get the advantage of future thinking – along with the advantage of being taken the rest of the way.


Megham provides services through nine practices:

  • Business Transformation
  • Share Service Centre
  • BPO Advisory
  • Process Excellence
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Change Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Project & Programme Management

We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of management consulting services. Drawing on the extensive experience of our management consultants globally, Megham helps clients identify and deliver value with pace, certainty and strategic agility.

We maintain an active thought leadership program that includes white papers, opinion essays, and research studies on topical business issues.

Megham combines deep technology expertise and industry-specific insights into how technology impacts people and processes to deliver solutions that help clients achieve business outcomes with agility, speed and certainty.

We’ll look at where you are now and where you want to be, focusing on ROI, complete operational efficiency and getting the most from your IT assets.

Innovation lies at the heart of what we do. We have developed the strategic TechnoConnect framework, to help our clients invest in the most relevant innovations for their organisations. It enables us to map the latest technologies and trends to our clients’ business drivers.

Advice and planning

Our project management and technology expertise mean we can offer expert advice throughout a programme’s delivery, from the earliest strategic stages to rollout and management.

Architecture and business and IT strategy capabilities provide a route map for what your organisation wants to do in the future, as well as supporting business agility and reducing IT costs.

Sustainable IT helps you support your organisation while minimising the impact on the environment.

  • IT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Modernisation
  • ERP / CRM / HCM
  • Information Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Open Source
  • Microsoft
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Web Development
  • Technology Outsourcing
  • eBusiness

We design and build solutions across a broad range of options, from application packages and cloud computing (SaaS) through to custom solution delivery, depending on your business needs.

Run and maintain

If you need us to run and maintain your system after implementation we have the capability. For large scale opportunities our outsourcing services can help. Applications outsourcing helps drive business efficiency, giving you the edge over the competition, while infrastructure outsourcing helps you reduce your operational costs and improve service quality.

Megham global outsourcing services touch every industry and business process. We transform our clients’ operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper, while working with visionary organizations to define innovations in strategic outsourcing.

With huge experience and a global workforce of 1,000+ outsourcing professionals, Megham help to solve clients’ most complex business problems.

Our innovative Plug ‘n’ Play approach enables you to draw on the right mix of resources, offers you the flexibility to meet your unique business needs: from traditional engagements that focus on optimising your IT cost structure to value-added transformational arrangements that can drive top-line growth.

  • Application Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Service Management
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Contact Centre / Customer Relationship Outsourcing
  • Project Management /PMO Outsourcing